by Helen on September 21st, 2016

No school the week of September 26 - 30.  This week is a Cobb County Schools break and we follow their schedule.  We will be back in class October 3.

by Helen on September 21st, 2016

​It’s a Busy Month!
October 11                             Early Release
October 5 and 6                   School Photos
October 19                            Box Top’s Deadline for Fall
October 5                              Flu Shots on site at St. Andrew 10 – 12:00 for adults
October 7 and 8                   “Fall into Crafts” Marketplace
October 30                            Trunk or Treat/Chili Cook Off
October 17 - 21                    Classes visit the Pumpkin Patch
    Check your classroom calendars for other school and class events especially for your Halloween Party Day and photo day!
Next Early Release                   October 11                     
We appreciate all our parents!  You remembered to pick up your children at 12:00 for our September early release.  These days enable us to have staff meetings and stay up-to-date on early childhood issues.  We hold them on Tuesdays because there are more T/Th days in the calendar than M/W days and it helps to even-up the hours we provide our students.  We hope to have Jennifer Hankey from Healthy Green Schools here on the October date.  Any parent who would like to hear her, please email the office.
Thank you for learning our procedures and following them.  Most all our parents are doing their best to be careful and mindful of what other parents are doing.  Keep in mind that occasionally we will have a driver who does something unpredictable so stay off your cell phones and pay attention!  A few drivers have gotten calls or carline visits from Ms. Helen - stay off her list!
Pumpkin Patch Starting October 5                         Truck or Treat October 30
The first batch of pumpkins arrives October 4!!   There are lots of fun activities going on in the patch during the next few weeks.  You are always welcome to visit the pumpkins - we are looking forward to class visits to the storyteller in the patch. See your class calendar for the date of your child’s visit.  Don’t forget about the Truck or Treat/Chili Cook Off on Saturday, October 30, from 4 – 6 PM with inflatables and prizes for kids.     Don’t miss the fun!  
Classes Update      /        Health Alerts
Our students have settled into the routine and seem to be enjoying each day at preschool. We have one additional 3’s class this year that added to our population.  We have a few opening for 3’s left if you hear of anyone still looking for preschool.  Note that a few health issues are in the general environment.  We have seen one case of lice (that was contained and did not spread!) and a few cases of Strep or Hand-Foot & Mouth have been reported.  Wash hands before and after school!!

Parent Welcome Breakfast
We hope everyone who attended had fun getting acquainted and visiting with other St. Andrew parents.  Other parents can be a great resource and we want to provide opportunities for you to get to know other parents.  We appreciate our Preschool Board planning and arranging this fun morning!
Annual ‘Fall into Crafts’ Marketplace   October 7 (11 – 6:00) – October 8 (10 – 4:00)
The church is hosting over 40 crafters who will display quality, handmade crafts.  See the Silent Auction and visit the kitchen for snacks and meals while you are there.  You are invited to shop while your child is at school or anytime that is convenient for you! Be especially careful during carpool on Friday the 7th.  The crafters know to be careful of our children but other church visitors may not know the routine.   Please be considerate and careful during carpool and be sure to visit the ‘Marketplace’.
Chapel this Month
We will finish up our lessons about Creation and hear stories about Samuel and David.  These are stories that children can relate to!  Everyone likes to hear about the boy David defeating Goliath. We will talk about characters who were obedient and trusted God. 
Kroger, Box Tops and Publix                    “Free Money” for our school! 
Please help us with this!!  If you have been saving up box-tops, remember to send them in soon for the fall submission.Remember to scan your St Andrew Publix card when you shop for an easy way to support us.Have you visited to attach our school to your card?  Every purchase including pharmacy and gas counts!  Remember that these sources of free money are important to keeping our tuition prices reasonable. 
Flu Shots
St. Andrew UMC will be hosting Walgreens on Wednesday morning, October 5, as they give flu shots to adults.  There is a cost for the shot; however they will take insurance cards from most carriers.    If this opportunity is convenient to you, come by the Keleley Center upstairs to receive a shot.  Most of the Preschool teachers will be participating.   Getting the flu is no fun!
Scholastic Orders
The books from our September order have been distributed.  We hope everyone enjoys the new books.  Please write your child’s name and your child’s teacher’s name on the order blank.  Use this opportunity to order inexpensive, quality books for your child’s collection.
 Red-White-and Blue Day
Your children looked so cute in their patriotic outfits.  We use this occasion to teach the colors of our flag and instill pride in our country. Our flag is one of the symbols of America that our students can easily relate to.  They had fun making flags, painting 'fireworks', and giving thanks for our country.
Tuition Questions
Call (770-924-4900) or email ( Kayce Bailey, our treasurer, if you have questions regarding tuition.               Build your child’s Phonemic Awareness!
Check out this website for fun pre-reading activities for your preschooler.  The activities are research-based, effective, and free!  Phonemic Awareness is a predictor of a child’s success in learning to ready.
preschool@standrewunitedmethodist  email  website
st. andrew preschool facebook page

by Helen on May 25th, 2016

St. Andrew UMC Preschool
Supplies List for the School Year 2017 

Our Preschool Children use a lot of consumable supplies during the school year!! 
It would be helpful if you can donate the following materials.
We prefer the brands that are listed. 
It is easier for us if all the children have the same brand and the brands listed work well for us. 
Young 2’s and 2’s classes: 
1 roll of paper towels  when it is your week to bring snack
2 packages of baby wipes – tubs or refills are OK
2 – 4 oz. bottle of Elmer’s white glue-all
1 box of tissues                       
1 box of Jumbo washable Crayola markers or crayons
1 pkg. of gallon baggies
3’s classes:

1 roll of paper towels when it is your week to bring snack
2 - 4oz bottle of Elmer’s white glue-all and 2 fat Elmer’s glue sticks     
2 packages of baby wipes – tubs or refills are OK   
1 package of Play-doh     (Play-doh brand is best - 4 cans)
1 box of tissues                       
1 box of regular size washable Crayola markers or crayons
1 package white or colored copy paper
 1 pkg. of sandwich or gallon baggies  
4’s and young 5’s classes:
1 roll of paper towels  when it is your week to bring snack
1 box of fat Crayola washable markers
1 package of baby wipes and 1 box of tissues
2 – 4 oz. bottle of Elmer’s white glue-all and 4 Elmer's glue sticks
1 package of Playdoh  (Play-doh brand is best-4 cans)
1 package white or colored copy paper
1 pkg. of sandwich or gallon baggies
 Open House for Parents is planned for August 14 at 7PM.  Open House for Parents and Students is planned for August 15 in the AM.  The first day of class is August 16.  Teachers will be contacting all parents before August 5 with additional information.

by Helen on May 13th, 2016

​Picnic Update                  JJ Biello Park
Our end of year picnic is planned for JJ Biello Park.    May 19                10:00 – 12:00
Facility Address - 250 Brooke Blvd., Woodstock GA (GPS does not always work on this address.)
Turn left from the church driveway onto Canton Road.  Continue through Woodstock and stay on Main Street.  You will pass a complex of county buildings on the right.  Just past the complex, look for Brooke Blvd on the right and turn in.   (The sign is small.)  See the park ahead.
Families and teachers will meet about 10:00. All families are welcome.  This will be the last day of school for everyone.  If it is convenient, meet a friend at the school and carpool to the park.  
We have the large pavilion reserved.  We are not allowed to reserve the outlying tables but if you are the first there, it is OK to claim one.  The playground is awesome but big – keep your eye on your child at all times.  Check with your Room Mom for additional information!  Remember your sack lunch!
Your teacher will contact you if we need to switch to an indoor location.
Registration  Update
Our classes are filling up!  We have a few openings and hope you will continue to send families our way. 
We are continuing to have requests for tours and enjoy meeting new potential students and parents. 
Progress Reports  
Teachers are sending home end-of-year Progress Report forms.  If you have any questions or concerns that you want to discuss, email your child’s teacher.
August Dates - Please note that these dates in August.
8/15    Parent Open House  7 PM            8/16    Student Open House            9 or 10:30 AM
8/17    First Day of Class!!
You child’s teacher will contact you around the first of August and remind you of these dates.
Check the school website for a material’s list and for other updates.
If you are returning next year, don’t throw away your carpool number! 
Parent Survey
Thanks to all the parents who turned in responses.  Our board has reviewed your ratings and comments.  If you would like to see a compiled survey, please email us ( and we will send you one.  We were proud of the overwhelmingly positive responses.  Thank you for the many kind and enthusiastic remarks about our program and staff.
“Free-Money” Fundraisers mean lower tuition rates!!
Have you signed up at  Our NPO number is 80292.
Don’t forget to use your Publix Card and to collect your Box Tops this summer.
Preschool Sunday and 50th Anniversary
Our students were the stars of the Preschool Sunday service.  I hope you were there to hear them and to enjoy the bar-be-que lunch.  We are thankful for Ms. Cindy who organized the performance and to Sally Gibson, our previous director and long-time friend for working with the board to have such a great anniversary celebration. 
Ms. Helen is looking for an Assistant!
Great office skills and expertise in Word and Excel are needed.  The position is from 8:30 – 1:30 at least 2 days per week but the person must be flexible enough to work additional days on short notice and sometimes attend afternoon or evening meetings.  A degree in Early Childhood or a similar field is a plus.  The Assistant must be able to communicate well verbally, write well, and handle multiple projects while being alert to classroom emergencies.  Please contact Helen for additional information.
Vacation Bible is planned for June 13 - 16.  
Registration is open for on-line registration. 
May Tuition               August Registration Fees                End of School
We expect all fees for the current school year to be turned in by May 15.   Registration and August pre-paid tuition is also due unless you have made special arrangements with us to hold a check.  Call Kayce Bailey, our treasurer, at (770) 934-4900 for bill questions. 
If you left an epi-pen or other type of medication with us, please pick it up before school is out.  If necessary, we will take it back in the fall.  Note expiration dates on the epi-pens. 
Graduation Ceremony           May 19            7 PM
If you have a graduate, please look for a notice later this week with information about the process.
Congratulations to our Graduates!  We will miss you!!  Let us know about your adventures in Kindergarten!
Come see us next year on Election Day – we will be open while the elementary schools are closed.

by Helen on March 2nd, 2016

We will celebrate the 50th year anniversary of our preschool on April 17.  Our board members are planning a fun day for all our current and former staff and families.  We hope many of our graduates will join us!  Obviously many are grown up and some have brought their children here to become students.  

We have been contacting former staff and families and would like your help in spreading the word.  

The 10:45 service at church will be part of the celebration with a time for our current students to sing.  We will offer lunch after the service and a time to see pictures from the past.  Please join us!

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