The Preschool at St. Andrew
communicates regularly with parents.

Each month, parents receive a calendar listing the themes for class activities and improtant dates. Parents receive fequent notes from teachers and a monthly school newsletter. Teachers frequently use email to stay in touch.

Student goals are shared with parents. A mid-year conference reviews the progress that the child has made in mastering the goals and objectives on our Progress Reports and gives suggestions for the classes for the next school year.

Parents are always welcome. They are requested to help with at least 1 party during the year. Class parties become a good time for parents to visit with each other and get to know other children in the class.

Some participate as a ‘mystery reader’ or in other volunteer activities. Parents of 3’s and 4’s provide transportation on field trips. Parents are invited to share their hobbies, interests, and cultural traditions if they are inclined.

We conduct some fundraising activities but they are optional. They include using Publix cards and collecting ‘Box Tops for Education’. During the 2011-12 school year, the school was selected to participate in the GA Natural Gas 'trueblueschools' program which enabled us to earn money through participating families at no cost to them.

Our parents and board members work support the two Consignment Sales held yearly. Parents may sell, purchase, and act as volunteer helpers during the sale. The sale helps parents purchase high quality clothing and toys Proceeds support the Preschool and the Children's Ministries.

A pre-enrollment tour is available to parents. Prospective parents may view classes and meet teachers and see if St. Andrew is the best choice for their child.

Parents are invited to a Parent Open House and Student/Parent Open House before school starts. The open house dates are not scheduled yet for fall 2012.

A Parent Survey is conducted each year to evaluate the program’s effectiveness. All parents are invited to participate.

The Preschool Board guides the policies of the school. Board members serve three years and typically include preschool parents.

Parents are invited to participate in a parent breakfast held in early fall. Parents get to know each other and learn about opportuinities for young families at the church. Bible Studies and Parenting Workshops are available each year. In January 2011, we will held sessions on 'Hot Topics in Christian Parenting' for interested participants.

Families receive a Parent Handbook each year that describes our procedures and contains contact information for other preschool families.
Parent Handbook 2014.pdf
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