Two's and Young Twos

How much fun can you have in school? A lot - if you're a student in our classes for two's and young two's! Our toddlers are ready for language experiences and flourish in our nuturing environment. Our teachers maintain regular contact with parents so that moms feel secure leaving their young children at our school. Classrooms have two of all favorite toys, so learning to share is gradual. A potty is near-by and teachers work with parents when their child is ready for this step!

Classes for Three-year-olds

Three-year-olds may attend three, four or five days a week.  There are many opportunities to develop language and experience interactive activities with peers. Our threes like routine and delight in exposure to new experiences.

Classes for Young Four's

Our Young Four's attend four days a week. The students in this class have fall birthdays and will not be in kindergarten for another full year after this class. Most are ready for pre-academic skills. The students enjoy unique themes and activities.

Classes for Four-year-olds

Our 4 and 5 day classes for fours provide many opportunities to master pre-academic skills and begin applying them in the classroom setting. Many fours are ready to begin early literacy activities and do math with manipulatives. Students who complete these classes are generally well prepared for Kindergarten.

Classes for Young Fives

Althought not quite ready for kindergarten, our young fives are interested in gaining academic skills. Our 5 day program is designed to provide time for maturing while students experience the fun of mastering academic skills through engaging activities.