February Parent Page
by Ms. Helen on January 28th, 2011

Conferences/Registration for Fall
Parent Conferences are taking place the week of Jan.31 - Feb. 4. We enjoy visiting with you and discussing your child’s progress. Remember that registration for current students and siblings will be held February 7 & 8 for the fall classes. If you intend to return next fall, make sure your child is on our list before Public Registration starts. If for some reason you want to register but cannot register by the 9th, please call the office. We do not want to leave you out!
See your registration materials for the line-up of class options and feel free to ask questions about the possibilities you are considering for your child. Please mark your first and second choices for class options next fall. (We’ll do our best to give you your 1st choice.) Please note the DOB necessary for each class option. If you need to spread out your registration payment, it can be arranged.
We appreciate the many friends and neighbors you have recruited for our program. We have enjoyed showing them our classes when they visited and look forward to signing them up when Public Registration begins on February 11.

Upcoming Dates
Feb. 7 & 8 Registration for current students and their siblings
Feb. 9 & 10 Church and alumni registration
Feb.11 Public Registration
Feb 21-25 School is closed – This is a Cobb Co Schools Holiday Week.
March 4 Staff attend the GA Preschool Conference – No School
March 24-25 Consignment Sale
March 22-23 School Photos
March 14-18 Teacher Appreciation Week
April 14 The ABC’s of Kindergarten – Parent Meeting

Illness/Cold Weather
Please continue to notify us if your child or a member of your family has a contagious illness so we can be alert for possible symptoms. We are trying to be careful of transmitting germs. Please make sure your child is not contagious before you send him to school. See your handbook for specific timelines for returning to school. We are seeing a number of students with chapped lips and hands. Check out Carmex and Aquaphor. You may have to swab lips each night but your children will be more comfortable!

Box Tops and Publix
We will send in our next batch of Box Tops soon. You can find the Box Tops for Education on cereal, Ziploc bags, Kleenex, Frozen Foods, Huggies plus hundreds of other products. Keep an eye out for those little pink labels. Last fall we accumulated over $200. Publix just sent us a check for $341!! Thanks for remembering to use our card when shopping there. If you need additional cards, please let us know.

March 18 is now a School Day!
We have added this day to our calendar. Since Cobb Co. Schools has changed their calendar to include this day, we will, too. Classes for 3’s and 4’s that usually do not meet that day (Jenny’s and Victoria’s) will meet. Other children who do not usually come to school on Friday may attend March 18 or another day worked out with their teacher. As you can imagine, we can’t have all our 2’s and young 2’s here at the same time!

August 17 – First Day of Class next Fall!
Our board has already started planning for next year. We will start classes on Wednesday, August 17. Our Parent/Teacher Open House will be Monday night, August 15 and our Parent/Student Open House will be Tuesday AM, August 16. We will follow the new Cobb Calendar for 2011-12. We plan to continue starting on an early schedule as we did this current year.

Recognition of Tricia Knor
The Preschool Board wants to recognize Tricia Knor, our Board chairperson for the past 3 years. They have made a donation to the church ‘red bucket’ fund (AKA debt reduction fund) in her honor. We appreciate the talents and time that Tricia volunteered to make us a great school!
Science Lab this month was so much fun! Our threes and fours classes experimented with gravity, force, and slope. Each class worked in small groups to discover how these concepts of 'physics' interact. Each lesson includes new vocabulary and exposure to children's books that explain the concepts plus time for hands-on experiments!

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