May Parent Page

End of School Picnic         May 16         9:30 – 12:00
Twin Creeks Softball Complex, JJ Biello Park
Facility Description – Restrooms, The Valley Playground (Largest Playground in Georgia)
Facility Address - 250 Brooke Blvd. , Woodstock GA
Turn left from the church driveway onto Canton Road.  Continue through Woodstock and stay on Main Street.  Look for Brooke Blvd on the right and turn in.   See the park.
Families and teachers will meet about 9:30. All families are welcome.  This will be the last day of school for everyone.  If it is convenient, meet a friend at the school and carpool to the park.  There seems to be adequate parking for everyone at this park and we are the only group using it on the schedule. 
We have the large pavilion reserved.  We are not allowed to reserve the outlying tables but if you are the first there, it is OK to claim one.  Check with your Room Mom regarding the menu for your class! 

May Activities and Reminders
Some of our classes are holding a ‘Messy Day’ this month.  See your class calendar for times & specific dates; this day is optional for parents.  Please send your child in washable clothes so he/she may enjoy messy activities with paint, shaving crème and other yucky stuff. 
Some of our 4 & 5’s classes will have Mother’s Day Parties. See your class calendar for specific times.  We hope you will join your children for this activity.
Our Graduation Ceremony will be held on Thursday, May 16 at 7:00 PM. We have 45 graduates this year!  Everyone is invited to the ceremony and reception party.  Graduating students are practicing for our upcoming graduation ceremony.  It is important that they be here for the practice sessions.  It has been a fun and meaningful event in past years. If your graduate will not be participating, let us know ASAP.  A small charge for graduation hats is added to the May bill. 
If you left an epi-pen or other type of medication with us, please pick it up before school is out.  If necessary, we will take it back in the fall. 

Carpool Reminders
Please continue to be careful during carpool and mindful of the directions in the Parent Handbook.  Please be careful not to block the lane when you pull up to fasten your child into his/her seat, pull into a parking spot if possible.  Also, please unload and load children from the side of the car nearest the building.  ALWAYS pay attention to what the other drivers are doing.   We’re had a safe time in carpool this year and we want our last 3 weeks to be safe and happy, too.
Preschool Sunday
Our students gave a terrific performance during the service!  Many thanks to the parents who were able to attend and to our Preschool Board for hosting such a nice lunch afterwards.
August 2013 Events   - Mark your calendars!  August will be here before you know it!
Your child’s teacher will be contacting you in August to get acquainted.    A list of suggested materials will be posted during the summer on the preschool website,, so that you can take advantage of back-to-school sales on supplies. Please remember us in your prayers as we prepare for another fun year at St. Andrew. 
August 12       7:00                Parent Open House in classrooms
August 13       9 or 10:30      Parent/Student Open House
August 14       9 – 12:00        1st Day of School
Parents of Graduates!  Don’t forget about us!  We want to know how you and your student are doing!  Please share your kindergarten experiences with us so that we can make updates to our program.
Box Tops
Our Box Tops Mom, Allison Freeman will be doing another submission of Box Tops soon.  Please send in your collection by May 14.
Other Summer Information                               Have a wonderful summer!!
            Don’t forget to use your Public Card.  We have earned over $3000 participating in the Publix program since we started.   Save ‘Box Tops’ for even more ‘free money’.   We are also hoping you will remain on our GA Natural Gas list; we have been receiving checks from them based on the number of parents who designated us as their school.  We received over $1200 this year!
Read lots of books and have lots of family fun!!  If your child is attending VBS, we may see you then. Attend Church at St Andrew and enjoy casual dress Sundays.  Be safe in all you do!. 
If you are returning next year, don’t throw away your carpool number!  We are trying to let families keep the same number throughout their years with us!  We will, of course, hand out new cards next year.  
The Preschool Office is open several days a week during the summer and messages will be returned if we miss your call.   

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