January Parent Page

Snow Days - Inclement Weather
           We will follow decisions by Cobb County Schools regarding weather related closings.  If they do not hold school, we will not open.  If they open 2 hours late, we will open at 10:00.
Parent-Teacher Conferences
Parent Conferences are taking place the week of January 27-31. We look forward to visiting with you and discussing your child’s progress. Each conference is designed to last about 15 minutes.  Please be on time and be considerate of the parents waiting for the next time slot.  Note that all children must be picked up at 12:00 M – F.  There is no extended day lunch. 
If you can arrange a play date for your child during your conference it would be helpful.  We will have staff in the Big Room if you cannot make other arrangements.  If our staff supervises your child in the Big Room during your conference, please plan to drop off shortly before your conference and pick up immediately after.
You may note changes in our Progress Reports.  Our staff has worked the past several months on updating standards for our curriculum. We want to make sure we are preparing students well for the new expectations of Kindergarten.  Preschool is fun – but it is also a time for acquiring new concepts and mastering skills. 
Registration for Next Fall
Registration for current students and siblings will start Tuesday, February 4, in the Keheley Center atrium at 9:15.  Priority for current students is Feb. 4 – 5 on a first come basis.  Your teacher will give you registration materials at your conference.  See the list of class options and feel free to ask questions about the possibilities you are considering for your child.  If you need to spread out your registration payment, it can be arranged. 
We are hoping to not only fill our existing classes, but also to grow our program next year. Please continue to help us find interested families.  You are our best recruiters.  Make sure your child is on our list before public registration starts.    We do not want to leave you out!
Program Options for 2013-14                                                                                  Proposed Monthly Rates
1 day class      Usually for 2’s and Young 2’s                                                                       $85
2 day class     Available for Young 2’s, 2’s, Young 3’s                                                       $165
3 day class     Available for 2’s, Young 3’s, and 3’s                                                            $190
4 day class     Available for Young 4’s, and 4’s                                                                   $215
5 day class     Available for Young 5’s, and 4’s                                                                   $240
Please contact Helen if you have questions about additional options for next year.
Monday and Tuesday hours 9 – 12              Wednesday, Thursday, Friday hours 9 – 1:00
Upcoming Dates
1/17                MLK Holiday
2/4 - 7            Registration for current students and their siblings                  
2/10                Church and alumni registration                  
2/11                Public Registration
2/13-18          Cobb County School Holidays          Note that the Parent Handbook dates are incorrect!
Consignment Sale Update
The Spring Consignment Sale will be taking place March 7-8.   NOW would be a good time to make plans to clean out and sell unused toys, books, and outgrown but still nice spring clothes.  The website is about to go public so you can sign up to sell or to volunteer for a convenient time slot. 
Please make sure your child is not contagious before you send him to school.  We hope your child has been given a flu shot and that your family avoids this year’s bug.  When your child has a fever, diarrhea, or throws up they may not return until the last symptom has been gone for 24 hours.  Don’t forget to wash hands before school and use hand sanitizer when your child gets in the car after school.
Kindergarten Orientation
If you are anticipating having a kindergarten student next fall, check the elementary school website for your orientation date!  Make sure you keep up with any elementary school events that may help you get ready for this transition.  Some schools are holding open house sessions this month.
New Board Members
            We welcome Allison Freeman and Bev Galeza to our Preschool Board!  We have made a donation to the church in honor of our retiring board member, Carrie Oakes.   Our Chairperson will still be Melissa Baggett.  We appreciate the time and talents that all our board members put into making our school a good place for children. 
Healthy Green Schools
            We are continuing our initiative to be certified as a Healthy, Green School.  Our consultant, Jennifer Hankey, has done initial training with staff – what an eye-opener!!  We were shocked to consider how many toxic substances are in the ordinary cleaning products that we all use.  We are in the process of changing to safer cleaning products and identifying healthier snack options.  We would like to include parents in this process.  If you have an interest in this subject, let us know; we’d like you to serve on our parent committee for this initiative.  The new parent committee will hopefully meet with our consultant in early February and become better informed regarding healthy foods and non- toxic cleaning products for home and school.  You’ll help us adopt good practices for our school and guide us in implementing them.  We hope to do all we can to provide a healthy environment for our children.
Finally - Welcome Back!  We have missed you and our students!
​We hope your Christmas break was fun!  Thank you for all the Christmas gifts you gave our staff – we all felt loved and appreciated. 

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