November Parent Page

Nov. 25 - 29                        Thanksgiving Holidays
We have a whole week off for Thanksgiving Holidays. Class parties are listed on individual class calendars. Holidays for Christmas are 12/19 – 1/7.  Have a safe and fun time with your family. 
Immunization and Health Forms     Thank you for turning these in to us so promptly.  Every time your child gets a shot, remember to ask for an updated Immunization Form (Form 3231).  If you have NOT provided these forms please make it a priority to do so immediately.
School Photos
Our photographer plans to return your orders prior to the Thanksgiving holidays.
Food Drive
The St Andrew United Methodist Men are collecting food for area families in need.  They are putting together boxes with the items listed below.  We would like our students to have the opportunity to participate by bringing items for the boxes.  Please send in one or more items from the list.  It is OK to send it in your child’s bag.  Take a moment to talk to your child about giving.  Any time before Thanksgiving is OK.
14-16oz can Cranberry Sauce        1 bag Sugar                              Boxes of Spaghetti Noodles
14-16oz can Green Beans     1 bag Self Rising Flour             Jars of Spaghetti Sauce1 14-16oz
Canned Corn                                      1 bag Rice                                 1bag (5lbs) of Potatoes
14-16oz can Yams                              1 jar of Peanut Butter              Jars of Applesauce
1 jar of Jelly                                          1 (packet) of Gravy                   Box of Macaroni & Cheese
Canned Fruit Juice                      Box of Stuffing Mix               Box of Quart/Gallon Ziploc Bags
Math Objectives
Help your child master one-to-one correspondence by encouraging her to hand you objects one at a time while counting.  Another way to work on this skill is to ask that she touch each object as she counts.  Practice rolling dice – your 4 year old child should be able to recognize how-many without counting with a little practice.  With all ages, encourage finding and naming shapes in the environment.  Challenge your child to compare groups or sets and tell you which is greater than, less than or equal.  This is especially interesting when you are comparing cookies, goldfish or M&M’s.  Math is all around us!  Make it fun.
Cheeseburger Bobby’s
Visit Cheeseburger Bobby’s on November 6 and note that 50% of your order will support the Murphy-Harpst home for abused and neglected children.
Science Lab
We are continuing our fun science experiences with our 3’s and 4’s.  The theme this month is magnets!  Classes meet and do science experiments, learn new vocabulary, read some new books and interact with new, unusual materials!  Ask your child about what they learned last month about centripetal force.
Keeping Well
Please practice good health habits as we approach cold & flu season.  We continue to use ‘magic soap’ as the students arrive and we wash hands frequently during the day.  We recommend that you keep antibiotic wipes or hand sanitizer in the car to minimize germs coming home on your child’s hands.  Please watch for signs of illness and keep your child home when necessary.  When we send out a ‘Health Alert’ regarding illness in the school, please just watch for the possibility of illness in your child.  The recent alert alarmed many parents.  It is unlikely that your child will become ill but it is always a good idea to be knowledgeable regarding exposure to potential illness. 
Chapel Activities
We continue to use the Old Testament Bible stories about Joseph to talk about families, trusting God, and being thankful this month.  1 Chronicles 12:18;  “God will help you.” Is our Bible verse.
Egleston Toy Collection
You will get a letter from Ms. Karen about this toy giving opportunity.  We are happy to be able to help this wonderful hospital and the children it serves again this year.  As you are starting your Christmas shopping, keep an eye out for a toy you might want to give.
Progress Reports
We share the list of identified skills on our Progress Reports in with our parents in February.  Our staff is currently reviewing our list of skills to make sure we are covering all the GELDS (GA Early Learning Standards) and that the skill areas are included in our lesson plans and class activities.  You can find the state list on line – our list is very similar but a little more concrete and parent friendly.  In some areas we have a wider range of identified skills a well.  Our teachers are spending lots of extra hours completing this task!  Our intent is to have students who are challenged to learn specific content as they play and to have graduates who are confident learners in kindergarten.  Those of you with current kindergarteners understand how challenging kindergarten has become!
Carpool Line
Please do not let your child “drive” during carpool.  If your car is bumped and your airbag releases, your child may be injured.  We are very concerned about this practice! 

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