January 2015 Parent Page

Welcome Back
We hope your Christmas break was fun!  Thank you for all the wonderful Christmas gifts you gave our staff – we all felt loved and appreciated. 

Parent-Teacher Conferences and Book Fair
Parent Conferences are taking place the week of January 26 - 30. We look forward to visiting with you and discussing your child’s progress. Each conference is designed to last about 15 minutes.  Note that all classes end at 12:00 all week and conferences start at 12:15.  Please be on time and be considerate of the parents waiting for the next time slot.  If you can arrange child care for your child during your conference it would be helpful. 
We will have staff in the Big Room if you cannot make other arrangements.  We will hold a Book Fair this same week.  We will have Scholastic books on site to add to your collection of children’s books.
Registration for Next Fall
Remember that registration for current students and siblings will start February 3.  Parents who come to priority registration that morning have first choice of classes. If you intend to return next fall, make sure your child is on our list before Public Registration starts 2/10.  If for some reason you want to register but cannot register by 2/10 please call the office.   We do not want to leave you out!
Your teacher will give you registration materials at your conference.  Let us know if you have any questions about the possibilities you are considering for your child. 
We appreciate the many friends and neighbors you have recruited for our program. We are happy that our classes are full and it helps up keep our rates reasonable!  Please continue to help us find interested families.  You are our best recruiters.
Upcoming Dates
1/19                MLK Holiday
2/3 - 6            Priority Registration for current students and their siblings                
2/6 - 9            Church and alumni registration                  
2/10                Public Registration
2/16 - 20        School Holidays
2/27               GA Preschool Conference – No School
Let’s stay Well!             
Please make sure your child is not contagious before you send him to school.  We hope your child has been given a flu shot and that your family avoids this year’s bug.  When your child has a fever, diarrhea, or throws up they may not return until the last symptom has been gone for 24 hours.  Don’t forget to wash hands before school and use hand sanitizer when your child gets in the car after school.
We go outside every day possible!  Don’t forget your child’s coat!!
We follow the Cobb Co. schools regarding school closings.  If they delay opening by 2 hours we will open at 10:00.  If they close for the day, we will as well. 
New Board Members
            We welcome Becky Jordan and Christina Schnizler to our Preschool Board!  We have made a donation to the church in honor of our retiring board chairperson, Melissa Baggett.  Our new chairperson is Richard Ramer.
            We appreciate the time and talents that all our board members put into making our school a good place for children. 
Program Options for 2015-16
Current Options:                                                                                                      
1 day class      Available for 2’s and Young 2’s on Friday                                                   
2 day class     Available for Young 2’s, 2’s, Young 3’s & 3’s on M/W or T/Th               
3 day class     Available for 2’s, Young 3’s, and 3’s on MWF or TThF                            
4 day class     Available for Young 4’s, and 4’s on M - Th                                                
5 day class     Available for 2’s, 3’s, 4’s and Young 5’s                                                     
Monday and Tuesday hours 9 – 12              Wednesday, Thursday, Friday hours 9 – 1:00
​Extended day for 2’s and under available on W,Th,F  and included for 3’s and older.
Please let us know if there are additional program options that would better suit your needs.  Our young 2 class on MW generally turns 2 early in the fall.  Young 3’s usually turn 3 by 12/1.  Young 4’s and Young 5’s have a 12/31 cut-off date. 
Opportunities for Women’s Fellowship
You are invited to join St. Andrew United Methodist Women at these upcoming events.  You do not have to be a member of the church to participate.  We’d love to have you join us and bring a friend!  Please contact Linda Sims at linda.sims06@comcast.net or Julie Hale at hale620@bellsouth.net for more information.
Monday, January 12th at 7pm
Esther Circle meets in the Keheley Center the second Monday of each month.  Join us for dinner, mission/program and fellowship with other women.  All women are invited, including youth in high school.
Saturday, February 7th, Brunch
BRIDGE (Bridging Relationships In Different Generations) event with Rev. Kristen Vincent and her Prayer Bead program.  Each participant will make their own set of prayer beads.  Cost to be determined.  All women are invited, including youth in 6th - 12th grade.  Bring a friend, too.  More details coming soon!

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