October Parent Page

Upcoming dates to note:
October 1                              All health and 3231 forms are past due
October 1 & 2                       School Photos
October 3 – 8                        School Holiday – Cobb Co. Calendar
October 9                              Flu Shots on site at St. Andrew
October 15                            Box Tops deadline for fall
October 14 & 25                   T-shirt days this month
November 1                           Barnyard Friends visit
    Check your classroom calendars for other school and class events especially for your Halloween Party Day!
Science Camp
We’ve held our first Science Camp for the year.  All our 3’s and 4’s classes had a great time investigating ‘buoyancy’.  Did you know that pumpkins and bowling balls float?  We hope your children shared their new knowledge with you. Next month: Centrifugal Force!! Many thanks to Ms. Angela and Ms. Meg for the planning and inspiration that they bring to this program.   
Pumpkin Patch Starting October 3                                   Truck or Treat October 26The first batch of pumpkins arrives October 3!!   There are lots of fun activities going on in the patch during the next few weeks.  You are always welcome to visit the pumpkins - we are looking forward to class visits to the storyteller in the patch once the pumpkins arrive at 5:00 on Oct. 3th. See your class calendar for the date of your child’s visit.  Don’t forget about the Truck or Treat/Chili Cook Off on Saturday, October 26, from 4 – 6 PM.     Don’t miss the fun!  
School Photos                                        October 1 & 2
Pictures are taken downstairs in the Keheley Center.  You will be offered proofs and the opportunity to order packages of several sizes from McCurry Photographs, our usual photographer.  Class pictures are taken in the spring.  We need a note if you want siblings taken together. 

 Parent Welcome Breakfast
We hope everyone who attended had fun getting acquainted and visiting with other St. Andrew parents.  Other parents can be a great resource and we want to provide opportunities for you to meet other parents.  We appreciate our Preschool Board planning and arranging this fun morning!
Security Update
We are so glad to have a coded entry for classes in the Keheley Center.  If you anticipate a visit to your child’s class, you can obtain the code from your child’s teacher, the preschool office in person or by phone (770-592-7250), or the church office in person.
Annual ‘Fall into Crafts’ Marketplace               October 11 (11 – 7:00) – October 12 (10 – 4)
The church is hosting around 40 crafters who will display quality, handmade crafts.  You are invited to shop! Be especially careful during carpool on Friday the 11th.  The crafters know to be careful of our children but other church visitors may not know the routine.   Please be considerate and careful during carpool and be sure to visit the ‘Marketplace’.
Chapel this Month
We are finishing our stories about Noah, starting stories about Joseph and his family, and then using pumpkins to illustrate some faith & values.  Please remember that you are the best teacher of faith lessons.  Make sure your children see you practice your faith habits like attending church, reading God’s word, and praying together.   Did you know that for most cases, the faith experiences of a child’s life up to age 8 make the most impression on their faith development?
 GA Natural Gas, Box Tops and Publix               “Free Money” for our school!
Keep in mind that the deadline for sending in box tops for a fall check is in October 15.  If you have been saving up box-tops, remember to send them in.
Remember to scan your St Andrew Publix card when you shop for an easy way to support us.
Go to trueblueschools.com TODAY if you are a GA Natural Gas customer.  If you have grandparents or other relatives who are customers we’d like them to be on our list as well.  Follow the prompts to list our school.  (St. Andrew United Methodist Church Preschool on Canton Road – if you type St. with a period it usually comes up)   Remember that these sources of free money are important to keeping our tuition prices reasonable.  Please help us with this!!
Developmental Profile
If your child is in our 3’s or 4’s classes, we have attached a simple Developmental Profile for these ages.  See the characteristics and learning tasks that your child will be achieving.  You may want to use this list as a reference although keep in mind that every child’s development is a little different.  (We did not attach lists to the 2’s and under with this Parent Page.)
Flu Shots
St. Andrew UMC will be hosting Walgreens on Wednesday, October 9, as they give flu shots to adults.  The cost of the shot is $25.99, however they will take insurance cards from most carriers.  They are also participating in the ‘Get a Shot – Give a Shot’ Program so that if you get a shot, they will provide a shot to a child in a developing country.  If this opportunity is convenient to you, come by the Keleley Center upstairs to receive a shot.  Most of the Preschool teachers will be participating.
Openings for 2’s and Young 2’s
We have 2 classes on MW for 2’s and 1 on TTh.  We have a class on TTh for our young 2’s.  Each of these classes has an opening.   We have several openings in our young 2’s on TTh; if you have younger siblings who will be ready mid-year, please keep this in mind.
Scholastic OrdersThe books from our September order have been distributed.  We hope everyone enjoys the new books.  Please write your child’s name and your child’s teacher’s name on the order blank.  Use this opportunity to order inexpensive, quality books for your child’s collection.

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