September 2014 Parent Page

Consignment Sale
We want all our parents to participate in the sale.  It is a fun way to help the preschool and get to know other parents.  Go to and pick a shift to volunteer.  Be ready to shop for bargains September 5 and 6.  There is still room for a few more sellers and this could be an opportunity to clean out your unwanted toys, books, maternity clothes, and too-little children’s clothes.  The sale wants good quality gently used items that other families would love to purchase.

Free Money Fundraisers help our budget! 
  Kroger will send us periodic checks based on the amount you purchase using your Kroger Card.  Please go on line and designate St. Andrew UMC Preschool.  This program has great potential for us!!
  Publix also sends us money!  Please show the Publix card we gave you when you shop.  We have extra cards if you need additional cards for relatives in any state with Publix.
  Save your Box Tops and send them in in a zip lock bag. 
  Georgia Natural Gas has been very generous to us over the past few years but they are discontinuing the money for school program and accepting no new sign-ups.  We were hoping that they would let our new parents sign-up for this year but we have found that is not the case.
Carpool Reminders
  Please make sure your child’s car seat is installed on the side of the car that faces the curb when you come up.  Walking around the car is dangerous for our staff and for your child.  Also, please stay in the line when you arrive.  Cutting through the middle to get to the Keheley Center creates problems and saves you no time.
Scholastic Orders
   Ms. Julie has sent home the first Scholastic Book order form for the school year.  Scholastic offers inexpensive books for children through this system and also has an online ordering opportunity.  This program is a great way to build your in-home library with quality books.  The next order is due 8/29.
September 11         Red, White & Blue Day
   We are all wearing Red, White and Blue on Wednesday, September 11 in honor of our country. Classes will be making patriotic projects in class.  If your child does not attend on the 11th, see your class calendar for an alternative day.
   We are beginning a series of stories about Creation in chapel.     Your 3 and 4 year-olds may be coming home singing about God’s wonderful creation and bringing home their own creations to illustrate.  Please follow up with stories at home.   
  When we play outside this time of year we encounter mosquitos.  We cannot administer any repellent, but if it is a source of concern, you can use it on your child before school. 
The church pest control people have been asked to help with this issue and we anticipate them taking care of the problem when we are not on-site.
Substitute teachers
   We occasionally need a substitute in our classes.  If you would like to be on the list, please plan to attend the orientation meeting scheduled for Tuesday, September 9 at 9:15 in the Atrium of the Keheley Center (inside the front door/glassed in area).  If you attended last year you do not have to come again.  We will keep you on the list if you just send us an email.
Special Activities
   We will be starting Science Camp this month with our 3’s and 4’s. We already held our first Art Camp with our 4’s. We are also holding a special Math Games session for our Young 5’s this month.  We started Spanish with our 3’s and 4’s last week and all the students are enjoying our music classes.
Waiting Games
Occupy your child with these cognitive development games:
Let your child sort your change; learn the name of coins and how they are alike or different.
Count forward or backward.  Try counting from a number other than 1  (7..8..9..)  Count by 10’s or 5’s.
Do a search for an item beginning with the letter of the week. 
Give clues for an item.  (I’m thinking of something that is orange and has stripes . . )
New Snack List
The children are enjoying the snacks you are sending in each week.  We are seeing lots of healthy snacks and many organic selections.  Please check over the snack policy and snack suggestions when it is your week to send in snacks. 
Dates to Remember:
School Holiday this month:              9/1 Labor Day           Have fun and be safe!
September Holidays                         9/15 – 19                    Cobb School Holidays
T-shirt days:                                      9/9 and 9/23
School Photos                                                9/24 and 9/25            


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