March 2016 Parent Page

Easter comes early this year on March 27.  Your class will be scheduling parties and Easter Egg hunts!  Check your class calendars.  The church has scheduled “Breakfast with the Bunny” on Saturday, March 26.  See the blue flyer that is going home to make your reservations.  You are also welcome at any of the Easter activities listed on the back.  Note that we will NOT have school on Good Friday, March 25.
Calendar for 2016-17
Our start date next Fall will be Wednesday, August 17.  The Parent Open House will be Monday night, August 15 and the Student Open House will be Tuesday morning, August 16.  We hope everyone will be back from vacations and ready to learn and have fun in Preschool!  Please mark your calendars.
Registration Update
Our classes are filling up!  Thanks for all your recruiting help.  We will be continuing new parent tours this spring; it is always rewarding to see the response of new parents to happy students engaging in fun activities.  Some classes are full!  We have limited spots for additional children at all ages.  I am pleased that we have enough 4’s to continue the new class we started last year. 
Barnyard Friends
We are planning a visit with the Barnyard Friends on Friday, April 1.  If your child does not attend that day, you are still welcome to come and let your child pet the animals.
Strengthening Families
One of the many topics we learned about at the Georgia Preschool Conference was strategies to help and protect our families.  One important strategy is helping parents make social connections with other preschool parents.  I hope you will take advantage of the school and church activities that will help you build friendships with other preschool families and access the support they can offer you!   Those friendships will help you with the other protective factors which include support in times of need, and knowledge of how children develop.   Plus, making new friends is fun!

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