Update on Preschool Hours for 2016-17

​Next year all our students will have class until 1:00 each day.

          The tuition for classes includes a 4 hour day, One day a month, we will schedule an early release day for staff meetings.  All other days classes will dismiss at 1:00.

          For our 2-year-olds, note that we have a 12:00 dismissal option.  Parents may choose the 12:00 dismissal time and use extended day occasionally.  Parents whose 2-year-olds are ready for a longer day may register for the 1:00 dismissal time.  Parents may also choose to start with the 12:00 option and change to the 1:00 option during the year.

          If you have questions about classes or if you need an option that is not offered on the registration form, please come by the office or give me a call.  As much as we can, we will accommodate your needs.

          Current student parents may register in person at 9:00 on Tuesday, February 2 or  may return registration forms in your child’s bag.  We would like to receive all current student registrations by February 5 before we start Public Registration.

     Public Registration opens Tuesday, February 9. 


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